All of us probably already know the pros of this way to organize their lives, motivate themselves and just do not forget to do something. Everyone will find for himself the personal benefits of keeping a diary, but here the question arises, how to keep it and what diary to keep.

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In the vast Internet, you can see a lot of polished diaries, the meaning of which is a big mystery to me. Therefore, the basic rule for me is: always remember the main goal. And in order to more conveniently set out these goals, I picked up the top of my favorite ways of self-organization.


Extremely simple in its essence method of a diary, main feature of which is simple list of goals and plans.
When it will be in hand:

  • In a large number of diverse cases
  • If necessary, organize a small amount of time

It is necessary to refuse in case:

  • With the same type of regularly recurring classes, as well as the floating schedule


Also a popular way, based on planning on clear dates and times. It is most conveniently used when purchasing specialized diaries.

When it will be in hand:

  • If there are a large number of appointments, interviews or additional sessions
  • If there is a clear schedule


Requires additional costs for special diaries, which usually do not provide space for the development of imagination and improvisation


A system that has become very popular lately. It is based on structuring from the largest to the smaller (from year to month, from month to week, etc.) You can learn more here:


  • A really convenient system, which I myself adhere to for a long time.
  • More convenient for tracking global plans, there is an opportunity to assess your progress in the past month and compare with the present.


Often requires more time to complete.


Write your ways of keeping diaries, throw photos in the comments, it will be very interesting ?

What do you think about this?