Every person somehow connected to the digital should follow web design trends in 2019 as they make the user experience much better, it mostly concerns professionals in the field and entrepreneurs. So what is going to be popular in web design in 2019?

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Web Design Trends in 2019: Predictions of The Experts

To understand what we are going to see in 2019, it’s better to ask an expert so below you’ll find predictions of top web designers and agencies.

3D in web design

UX strategist Rafael Romis made a statement that we’ll soon see more 3D content on our devices.

“In my opinion, the new trend that we’ll see more and more of is 3D. In general, that’s creating web design where we play with the perspective and (in a way) subconsciously engage with the visitors as they scroll up and down to really understand what’s happening.
It’s where design meets strategy and sales. By using elements that trick the eye, we draw the visitors’ attention to our content and keep them engaged, too. It’s the best of both worlds: beautiful design and design driven by conversions.”

– Rafael Romis, Weberous

No hamburger menu in 2019

“I predict more mobile web apps will give a nod to native app UX by replacing traditional hamburger menus with bottom, tab-based navigation (like on Facebook and LinkedIn), reducing the complexity of forms, and integrating more services like Google Pay or Apple Pay.

I’m predicting that we will see many companies shift a considerable amount of their focus to mobile web apps in 2019—and I have the data to prove it. The steady rise of mobile traffic hasn’t wavered from 2017, increasing to 52% of all web traffic. We can only expect this share of traffic to increase as the number of smartphone users increases by roughly 9% year-over-year. Compared with native apps, mobile web apps see nearly three times as many monthly visitors. However, its Achilles’ heel is that it lacks the feeling of a native experience. Users spend 18 times less time on mobile web apps than their native counterparts.

I believe in 2019, companies will also focus on improving their mobile web app UX with the adoption of performance-enhancing technology like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and a shift towards true native experiences with the ongoing adoption of Progressive Web Apps (PWA).”

– Matt Kubota, WillowTree

The grid and layout gets more interesting

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The grid has been considered best practice for producing a proportionate and rhythmic design. With the introduction of grid CSS libraries and systems (Bootstrap and Flex CCS systems and the latest Grid Layout system), it seemed as if the grid was here to stay, but, with designers always looking for something new and more creative, the race is on to create more abstract web designs that are outside the grid. Recently, we have seen web designers break free of the grid system by no longer sticking to a column and row structure that has been so heavily depended on since the beginning of responsive web design.

– Dustin Duchene, web designer

Layered/Overlapping Elements

By overlapping text and image, it allows the user to get both the image and text as one and having the main text on top of all the elements make it more noticable.

Parallax Scrolling

The old trend that makes elements on the page scroll with different speed, this creates a the illusion of the content depth and it will be still popular in 2019.

White Space

white spce in web design trends 2019

Every design should have the proper amount of negative space around text and imagery to allow the user to comprehend the content and not miss crucial messages. When breaking the grid, this is especially important as items are layered on each other.

– Dustin Duchene, Rise

Honest Web Design 

Honesty in web design? What? UI and UX designer Jon Phillips from BuySellAds sais that a big web design trend in 2019 is visually represented honesty in web design.

Example of honesty in web design from Jon Phillips

“If there’s one thing that 2018 has thought us, it’s that privacy and security matter to people (and government, apparently). I believe that regulations and laws like GDPR and others will dictate a lot of the design decisions we make in 2019 and beyond. This means everything from form design to email and web notifications, as well as how we design and build systems with security and privacy in mind.

Over the years, a lot of common design elements and components, even though they may sometimes seem like they’re just a small portion of a web project, have been gradually made more and more deceptive. One trend I keep seeing is those modal windows that tend to shame visitors into subscribing to a newsletter or visit a special offer page, which is unfortunately too common on ecommerce websites.

2019 will be the year we become more thoughtful and honest in the messaging and interactions we display to our users. Instead of tapping into fear and shame to get leads and customers, offering better products, being more transparent and honest, and clearly setting expectations will become the norm rather than the exception.”

– Jon Phillips, Contrastly

E-commerce Design is Going to Be More Intuitive

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“My prediction is you’ll see not just social networks and messaging platforms incorporate more ecommerce, but brands will do a better job, too. For instance, brands will create more content that helps customers conduct research for purchases or get inspired from social influencers, while making it easy to buy products right then and there, without redirecting them to a separate ‘shopping cart.’
To help with this, UI to facilitate purchasing of products will blend in more seamlessly with the context that they’re in. Imagine reading an article written by a frequent flyer about a new carry-on suitcase with built-in charging ports, when you realize a buy button appears as you look through the beautiful photography. Without ever leaving the page, you have a new suitcase being shipped to you and an email receipt sitting in your inbox.
Intuitive ecommerce design elements that present themselves at just the right time and place are going to continue gaining traction.”

– Danny Halarewich, Lemonstand

Bottom line

Good web design is a combination of beautiful UI and pleasant UX. As we see, 2019 is going to contain both of them.

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