Procrastination is a common disease and we all suffer it from time to time. But luckily, it’s curable—with the right tools.

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These actionable strategies and tools can help to get rid of procrastination. Some are specific to blogging and writing, but most of these tips will make a difference for professionals in any career.

How to beat procrastination:

Set goals

The main reason for procrastination is that you don’t follow deadline and mostly we don’t follow them just because we don’t have them. Set your goals in a SMART way (specificmeasurableattainablerelevanttime-bound). It will help you stick to deadlines and accomplish more in one day.

Set mini-tasks

Break your big goals down into smaller pieces. That will help you stay on track. After all, it’s a lot easier to cross such tasks as “Write a headline” or “Find images for an article” than a whole “Write an article about smth”.

Live by lists

Lists help you write down your goals and track their completion. The best task managers like Todoist and Things will help you get the job done, but there are also apps to give you an extra push. Fantastical 2 has a calendar interface that displays due dates for certain tasks, and Carrot inspires you to finish your goals.

Work as you go

When you are in a public transport or waiting in a queue, don’t waste time, do something.

If talking about writing, keep an editor with you at all times—specifically, the Grammarly editor. Grammarly catches a wide range of mistakes and highlights them, which means you can keep writing without worrying about using whose instead of who’s
If you write on your phone or tablet, for example, texts, tweets, notes, Grammarly’s mobile keyboard has got you covered.

Eliminate distractions

There are some tools developed specially to boost productivity and keep you focused. With extensions like Leechblock (Firefox) and StayFocusd (Chrome), you can block different sites and acess them in a certain time.

Use templates for emails

If you are overwhelmed by work emails, message templates can save you a lot of time. Having templates can save you the time by not starting from scratch every time you have a similar message, you just paste the template and twick it. 

Just make sure tp check everything to make sure you haven’t left some old parts. 

Move by pieces

Set a timer (like Tomato Timer or Strict Workflow), sit down and work until you hear the alarm. Then take a 5 min break to scroll your feed and get back to one more sprint. 

Bottom line

You should pick the tools and strategies that work for you, but remember that it’s up to you to keep your head down and work, there is no superhumans and no magical pills.

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