Nowadays, the cost of internet advertisement is increasing and leads cost more and more. But there is a way out – grab an email of the potential customer and you can send promotions to him without paying a cent.
But…who will give you their email to constantly receive ads? I assume nobody. That where lead magnets come into the game.

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What is a lead magnet?

Wondering what a lead magnet is? It’s anything you give away for free in exchange to email. Lead magnets are the most popular method to generate leads and market your business online.

You should create some sweet piece of content, that people will get into their email box. And then, after providing value, you can send your promotions in combination with some more value to build a relationship. But don’t be spammy, because you’ll end up in a spam folder.

Typically, lead magnets are some sort of downloadable content:
worksheets, ebooks, webinars, PDF guides, etc., but will talk about this later.

Isn’t email marketing dead yet?

According to Adestra, consumers prefer to receive messages from brands via email.
Email Monday sais that we earn 38$ on every dollar spent on email marketing.
So…yes, it’s not dead!

dma insight email usage

How do lead magnets work?

The strategy behind lead magnets is very simple, you give something valuable for free in exchange for an email.

Here is a visual presentation:

How a lead magnet works
Scheme provided by Leadpages

There are several ways where you can place your lead magnet:

  • Landing page
  • Opt-in form
  • Banner ad

Most business use landing pages as you can tell more about the offer there and it’s easier to send targeted traffic. On the landing page, user lefts an email to get access to the freebie and after that, you immediately send him the thing. Of course, this can be automated via email marketing software.

By the way, check out this free landing page templates (no email required).

Why use lead magnets?

You have to have a database of relevant leads, people who are interested in your offer. How do you do that? Build a list via lead magnet which is highly related to your product or service.

What are most popular types of lead magnets?

There is almost countless number of lead magnet types from Ebooks and worksheets to webinars and consultations.
Here are a few popular lead magnet examples to consider:

  • Ebooks
  • Worksheets/ workbooks
  • Checklists/ cheat sheets/ resource guides/ tip sheets/ FAQ sheets
  • Email courses
  • Calendars/ action plans
  • White papers/ case studies
  • Swipe files/ templates
  • Webinars/ webinar replays
  • Industry reports
  • Quizzes
  • Live demos/ tutorials
  • Contests
  • On-demand video trainings/ courses
  • Consultations/ 1:1 calls
  • Product samples/ free trials

Which lead magnet is right for your audience?

Of course, there is a lot of lead magnets you can create, but you should focus on one strong and desired by your audience.

To understand what you should create, answer this questions:

  1. Who is your target audience
  2. What problem are you willing to solve for them?
  3. What solution can you offer?
  4. What’s the perfect content form to provide that solution?
  5. What can you create (e.g. text, video, graphics, audio etc.)?
Engaging vs Unengaging Lead Magnets
The graphic of lead magnets from Leadpages

What’s the Best (and Easiest) Way to Create a Lead Magnet?

The most popular type of lead magnet is downloadable PDF, it can be an Ebook or cheatsheet. To speed up the process of creation, you can use an Ebook template on Google Docs, use online tools like Canva, Beacon or buy lead magnet templates, like this one:

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How Should You Deliver Your Lead Magnet?

You have to be sure that when consumers opt-in, they receive their freebie instantly.

I recommend using Leadpages or ThriveLeads(WordPress) as these are the best lead generation tools out there.

In Leadpages, you can use their delivery system to upload your lead magnet files and connect them to opt-in forms. Then, when visitors opt-in, they immediately receive what you promised.

Click here if you want to try Leadpages for free

The other way is to enable autoresponder in your email marketing software, that will be triggered when someone is added to the list. This can be done for free via Mailchimp, or by other software like Drip, Getresponse or Convertkit.

What’s a content upgrade?

A content upgrade is a lead magnet places in a specific blog post and it “upgrades” the content by providing additional value. It can be an ebook that covers the topic more deeply or some freebie related to the article.

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Lead magnet templates from my friends at Leadpages

Bottom line 

Lead magnets will boost your business and skyrocket your list building. Create a powerful lead magnet and go get those leads!

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