How to Design Content for Humans [Hubspot Webinar]

0:51 – Mobile First Short Discussion
3:45 – We Search the Way we talk
4:52 – 1,005 Variations of Search Terms
6:15 – Intro to Topic Clusters
6:35 – Topic Cluster Methodology
8:26 – Core topic – Sales Qualification
9:34 – Hyperlink Subtopics
10:53 – Do all the subtopics link to each other as well as the Core topic?
11:42 – How to Build out Topic Clusters
12:55 – Example of a Pillar page
17:13 – Should Pillar Pages also link to each of the Sub topic pages?OR just subtopics linking back to the Pillar page?
22:55 – Position Tracking Tool Set up
24:45 – Uploading KW’s by Competitors
25:22 – Position Tracking Tool Overview
26:25 – SERP Features
26:45 – Applying TAGS to KW’s
27:15 – Landing Pages tab
29:47 – Featured Snippets Tab
31:05 – Multiple Devices & Locations
31:40 – What about brands that are creating Hundreds of articles per month, navigationally this is a challenge we could have 100’s of pillar pages for one category. Any advice for us?

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