Hey-hey! I started to actively deal with my Instagram account and realized that I needed VSCO. There is a standard set of filters, but that store with the premium filters attracts so much, which are not so cheap as wanted. In general, I decided to look for freebies and…. Found! Yes, I have all VSCO CAM filters for free.

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For a long time I kept it a secret, but I decided to share it. I warn you right away that there are a lot of advertisements on the resource where you will download, but with my advice you will break through it.
And so, you follow the link, and get here:

As soon as you touch your screen, you’ll be immediately thrown to the site of advertising. Click on the arrow back as quickly as possible and return to the screen above.

As you can see, there are two links for download, click on the gray, the one below the green one)

Then we get to the page, we go down and see the green button, we need to press it, but once you do that, you will again be thrown to the advertising site, and from there it is very difficult to get out. But quickly click the arrow back and download the file:

After that, go to FileCommunder or another program where you can find the downloaded file:

Before installing this VSCO, remove your old one. Click on the file and install VSCO with all filters. I do not remember exactly, but in the settings it will be necessary to allow the installation of suspicious programs. With this I think you will understand, if it is very necessary)

It seems to be not difficult, good luck with advertising. Using computer will be easier, so you can download from it, and then somehow throw a file to your phone. My phone is fine, so advertising is not particularly harmful.
Here is the promised link to all VSCO filters for free: upload.so/u89w0it73h9j
For this I just ask you to tell your friends about me, in any way convenient to you. Let’s do more good stuff 🙂

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