It isn’t hard to write 100 goals which you would like to reach in your life, is it? In fact everything isn’t so simple. I’ve written 31 and stopped. Now I’m going to finish writing and also advise it to you. Read this and be inspired. Remember: everyone can become everyone.

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I heard about this exercise about a year ago. But I was afraid to make it. I thought that my life would become boring, because everything will be according to plan.  And the reality turned out completely different. I understood and realized which way I should go.

So why set these 100 goals?
Why should anyone do this for changing?
Because thanks to this you’ll understand what you want to get in life. What you want to do. What to leave after yourself. It seems like magic, but if this goals will be written, they will somehow be embodied. You program your own brain to achieve goals.

Here’s what you need to do this exercise: 

  1. Notebook
    Simple notebook with a large number of pages. Later you’ll know for what. Also it must be quality, because it will serve you more than one year.
  2. Pen
    It’s clear.
  3. Time
    You need free time. About 4-6 hours. The main thing is not to stop. Set down, write and stand up.
  4. Inspiration
    You need inspiration to write this 100 goals. Need to dream and understand what you want.
    And also, while you’ll be doing this exercise you shouldn’t be distracted, you need to be along with yourself. So that warn people not to distract you. Turn off the sound on your telephone and start.

Consider that all goals can be divided into three categories. To be. To be able. To have. For example:
To be a businessman, to be able to make money, to have a car.

For beginning:

Just think about what you would like to have, what you would like to be, what you could be able to do. And write.
1 sheet – 1 goal. 100 goals – 100 sheets.
At first, these will be goals that cover material needs. To have a car, house.
There will be about 25 of such goals.
Then there will be all sorts of actions , to jump with a parachute, to climb a mountain. We closed another 15.
25 + 15 = 40. There are 60.
Another 40 will go into the category of being and to be able.
To be able to do salto, to fly a plane, to know how to fire from shotgun.
And then…
Then you’ll think about what to leave behind yourself, what to bring to this world. And this is the most important. What you were born for.
If you did not write your goals, just kept them in your head, then the first 20-30 goals you would inevitably shut down, such is nature. And another – not.
If you wrote them, then your chances greatly increases.
So what do the last 20 goals mean?
They are the most important goals in your life. With their realization, the world will become better.

What should you do after:

It’s recommended to support the goals with pictures. For example, if you are planning to go to Dubai, take and paste a photo of Dubai on the page.

So, you’ve finished. Put a notebook on the shelf. The main thing – DON’T LOSE IT. Opening it in a year, you will be surprised, that the part of the goals that you wrote are implemented.

The rule of 72 hours.

If you don’t do this during 72 hours, starting from this minute, then there is 95% chance that you will not do it ever.
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